The Clever Way to Clean

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Mossmatic Moss Remover Brush

The clever way to remove moss so you can softwash easy

The Mossmatic moss remover from SoftWash UK Ltd. Available including VAT for a little over £2000. Postage and packaging is charged separately typically £50 to £100 depending on where you are in the UK

Have you ever wanted to softwash  a driveway or patio or even a tarmac drive that has too much moss on the surface and just soft washing with chemicals alone would leave all the dead moss on the drive?.

Well don't worry anymore because the mossmatic has it covered.

Using the mossmatic you can remove the moss from the surface that you are trying to clean then softwash with your chemical of choice for a final completed job that looks amazing. Without the use of a pressure washer!.

Also the added benefits from using the Mossmatic are as follows.

You don't have to re-sand or return on a separate day to finish the resand.

You use a lot less water as soft washing doesn't require the same amount of water as pressure washing.

Prices shown below include VAT but not carriage

This method of cleaning exterior flat surfaces is desired by many customers and stands out as an alternative to pressure washing alone.

The Mossmatic works best when used in dry conditions and can be a range of services which are available to exterior cleaning companies here in the UK.

To operate you would oscillate left and right with the Mossmatic as you push it forward. It also has a reverse feature of the rotor and this should be utilised with the effect of moving the dberis to one side. It is advisable to have a leaf blower to hand to clean up the loose moss once you have finished.

Regarding weeds, these can be removed with this machine however it is best to pull large weeds out first before attempting to use them Mossmatic. Also spraying weeds off 2 weeks before using the Mossmatic will greatly increase the overall finish.

SoftWash UK would recommend applying a soft wash recipe made up of sodium hypochlorite and clever wash at around 4% to the block paving after the moss has been removed. Dwelltime of 15 to 20 minutes would be required and you may have to to apply a second coat of recipe with the same dwelltime.

On completion of the soft wash to improve the overall all finish it would be advisable to rinse off with a hosepipe or bulk rinse with a low pressure washer.

As an alternative you could use Soft Wash Pro 50 and spray it to the surface and leave to allow to self clean over a period of months.

The Mossmatic Brush is a compact walk behind, fully hydraulic, hard surface cleaner to save you time, energy and money.

Perfect for clearing moss, weeds & debris from any hard surface; block paving, concrete, tarmac, ashphalt or bricks. Simply start the engine, engage the forward or reverse function & direct where you want to clear. The rounded brush with angled bristles allows you to get up close to kerb edges, corners & hard to reach areas.

Powered by the Kawasaki FJ180V-M69 engine which features cast iron cylinder liners and a high performance lubrication system. Unique features of the FJ range include an internally vented carburettor plus a dual-e

Features - Fully hydraulic mechanism

- Forward & Reverse Rotation

- Variable Speed

- Steel brushes, hardwearing & low cost replacement

- Powered by Kawasaki 4.5hp engine; FJ180V-M69


Dimensions 1260mm (L) 500mm (W) 940mm (H)

Engine 4-Stroke, Petrol, Kawasaki

Fuel Tank Capacity 1.6 litre

Horsepower 4.5hp

KW 3.4Kw

Starting system Recoil

Strokes Per Minute 3,600 RPM