The Clever Way to Clean

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Sniper Nozzle

The Sniper Nozzle is a long barrel type nozzle used for maximum distance without sacrificing flow.


It nearly eliminates the need for ladders or lifts up to 4 stories depending on LPM.

15-23 LPM are reaching 13-15m depending on wind and angle of attack.

26-45 LPM are reaching 18m +

Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium for excellent chemical resistance and light weight handling.

You can use this nozzle to shoot chemical up to high areas and also from a distance and it is also very useful for rinsing down as well.

If you pretreat gutters and fascias with a SoftWash chemical you can then use the sniper nozzle to rinse them off and eliminating the use of a brush.

We have also successfully used this nozzle to bulk rinse moss off a roof that has been treated with a softwash chemical.

The most popular way of attaching this nozzle is by using a 1/4” male quick release coupler

Prices shown below includes carriage and VAT